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Thanks to Sally for letting me know about this program.

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjO4kZ2_mv0

Information about D100 radio Hong Kong : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D100_Radio


TVB actress Weng Meiling's departure from the truth is related to offending an elder sister( The spirit is fierce, and it's said in the middle of the night (D100)

Barbara Yung Mei Ling; From May 7, 1959 to May 14, 1985), she was born in Hong Kong and died as a famous female artist. In 1985, Weng Meiling, who was very popular at that time, suddenly committed suicide and died at the age of 26.

Weng Meiling, born in Hong Kong, studied in primary school (1970) and secondary school (1970-1974) of Rose Hill School in Happy Valley, Hong Kong. She is the only child of her family and her mother is Zhang Mingyi. Weng Meiling's father works in the customs and has two wives. Weng Meiling lost her father when she was young. After her father died, Weng's mother and daughter could not get any inheritance. In 1973, Weng Meiling's mother married Liao Jintang and moved to England. Then in 1974, Weng Meiling moved to England to live with her mother and stepfather. Liao Jintang first opened a takeaway shop in Ilford London, and then moved to Cambridge County to run a fish and chips shop.

In 1976, when Weng Meiling was in high school at Cambridge College of art and technology, she fell in love with a Dutch boy called Rob Radboud. Later, according to Rob Radboud, when she was dating Weng Meiling, Weng Meiling's mother didn't agree. Because of her fragile feelings, Weng Meiling had taken a whole bottle of sleeping pills to commit suicide at the age of 18 and 19 for two years. Fortunately she was found and sent to the hospital for gastric lavage, which eventually made her mother acquiesce in Weng Meiling's relation.

TVB女星翁美玲離開真相,同得罪某位阿姐有關?(靈凶翻騰半夜講呢啲 D100) 翁美玲(Barbara Yung Mei-Ling;1959年5月7日-1985年5月14日),香港出生,已故知名女藝人。1985年當時紅極一時的翁美玲突然自殺身亡,終年26歲。 翁美玲小名囡囡,香港出生,曾在香港跑馬地玫瑰崗學校小學部(1970年畢業)及中學部(1970年中一至1974年中四)讀書,為家中的獨生女,母親張明儀。翁美玲生父在海關工作,有兩位妻子。翁美玲幼年喪父,生父死後,翁氏母女得不到任何遺產。1973年翁美玲母親與廖錦棠結婚,並先移居英國,隨後1974年翁美玲移居英國與母親及繼父生活。廖錦棠先在英國雅息士郡開外賣店,之後轉到劍橋郡經營炸魚薯條店。[1] 1976年翁美玲在英國的劍橋藝術科學學院(Cambridgeshire College of Art and Technology)就讀高中期間與荷蘭同學羅泊·萊得鮑(Rob Radboud)相戀[2]。後來據羅泊·萊得鮑回憶,自己與翁美玲交往時起初翁美玲的母親並不同意,翁美玲因為感情脆弱曾在18歲和19歲連着兩年都曾經吃下整瓶安眠藥自殺,但所幸被人發現送去醫院洗胃,最終使其母默認翁...





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