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This article was an interview with Barbara’s stepfather. It mainly talked about these things,

  1. Family member relations
  2. Life stories of Barbara
  3. Barbara was a master of accounting
  4. Why Barbara went to Hong Kong for “Miss Hong Kong Pageant”
  5. Barbara’s Dutch boyfriend

Family member relations

The journalist was curious about why all Barbara’s family members (Barbara, Barbara’s mother, Barbara's uncle, Barbara's stepfather) had different family names. What were the real relations of each other? Barbara’s stepfather explained that the family name of Barbara’s natural father was Yung and he was ever a senior official of Hong Kong customs. Barbara’s natural father had two wives. After he passed away, Barbara’s mother did not get any heritage. The family name of Barbara’s uncle was Chan. He was the blood brother of Barbara’s mother. After Barbara’s stepfather got married with Barbara’s mother in 1973, Barbara was left in Hong Kong for a while and was taken cared of by her uncle during that time.

Life stories of Barbara.

a. Barbara was very smart, she could learn new things well just from one time instruction.

Not long after Barbara moved to UK around 12 to 13 years old, one day Barbara’s stepfather was sick and thus could not work in the kitchen of take-out restaurant at Essex. Barbara proactively took the responsibility of being the chef. She never worked in kitchen before but she could really manage everything well merely from daily observation of how her stepfather did things.

b. Barbara worked very hard for family business.

Barbara always worked in family operated take-out restaurant at Essex. Her stepfather disallowed her to work in kitchen because it was too tiresome. So Barbara worked in reception to take orders. Later they sold the take-out restaurant at Essex and bought the fish and chips shop at Cambridge. Barbara almost worked every evening in the shop after school. After she started college in London, she went back home every weekend to help family business as always.

Barbara was a master of accounting

Barbara was very good at accounting. She was the accountant in the family. She counted numbers very fast and precisely. She never made mistakes in all her work. Barbara not only helped family do accounting but also did it for others in London to earn extra money. Barbara also represented family to negotiate business and real estate, to meet lawyers and accountants, and to deal with bank manager. Why Barbara went to Hong Kong for “Miss Hong Kong Pageant”

Why Barbara went to Hong Kong for “Miss Hong Kong Pageant”

To participate in “Miss Chinatown Contest” and “Miss Hong Kong Pageant”, Barbara never talked this to her stepfather. She only talked it to her mother for advice and then her mother informed her stepfather. Her stepfather thought she was mature enough to make decision for herself, so he never worried about her as well. Only once Barbara was injured her eye when performing for “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”. Her stepfather suggested her to be careful when doing things. If she felt Hong Kong entertainment industry was too complex, she could consider to get rid of it and move back to UK. Barbara said that she did not fear anything and she would not give up only because of small frustration. Barbara always sent jewelry and money to her mother, and sent clothes to her stepfather. She bought everything in Hong Kong and requested friends to bring them back to UK.

The reason why Barbara decided to participate in “Miss Hong Kong Pageant” was because Barbara’s blood mother, Mrs Chan, encouraged her to do so. Mrs Chan’s husband used to be the colleague and good friend of Barbara’s natural father. When Barbara started working for TVB as presenter. Her income was very little. Her stepfather sent her 100 GBP every month. After Barbara performed for “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”, her monthly salary was increased to 7000 HKD. Her major income, however, was from stage performance. Each time she could get 100 to 200 thousands HKD as reward. Barbara paid more than 500 thousands HKD to buy her house in Hong Kong with mortgage. But after two times of stage performance, she had paid off all mortgage.

Barbara’s Dutch boyfriend

Barbara’s stepfather said that Barbara ever had a Dutch boyfriend who was the son of the boss of a big Dutch electric appliance company. Barbara had been to Holland twice around 1980 to visit this boyfriend. But Barbara’s mother objected to her relationship with foreign boyfriend afterwards, so she broke up with this boyfriend immediately. The journalist also asked how Barbara’s stepfather thought about Kent Tong. Barbara’s father said he'd only met Kent a few times, so couldn't call it a deep impression. He's just like what you'd see him on the TV. He seldom talked, if asked a question, he'd give an answer. I felt that he looked cold and unlike Felix and Miu who are more chatty.

(thanks to Nelson and for translating this article and thanks to Fairchild for additional corrections)

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