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Barbara Yung's life in England

In this TV interview Barbara talks about her first love. She also plays some scenes showing how she felt at that time.

Barbara was very young when she had this relation (I think about 12-13 years). She told me about this boy, for example how sad she was when he emigrated to Canada. Barbara's second boyfriend (I was her third) told me that he remembered that Barbara showed him pictures of this boy and that this boy lived in the same apartment building as Barbara did.

Although it was only puppy love, this relation left a big impression on Barbara. As she told her later boyfriends about it and even made this TV program about him. I wonder if this boy ever made himself known to Barbara when Barbara became famous.


1984 tv interview 1st love1

1984 tv interview 1st love2

1984 tv interview 1st love3

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