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Barbara Yung's life in England


Having withdrawn from the martial arts world, the carefree Chor Lau Heung leisurely wanders the land with his female companions. When he decides to visit a friend, however, troubles immediately seek him out.


Through a series of mishaps and suspicious set-ups, Chor is framed for the theft of the Xue family sword and the deaths of various notable martial arts masters.


The mysteries continue to pile up when he encounters old friend Yi Dian Hong (Wai Tin Ci), who appears to be being controlled by someone. A sinister conspiracy is brewing in the martial arts world and it all points to the Bat Cult led by the notorious Bat Prince...



Chor Lau-heung brings his three girlfriends (Lei Hung-sau, So Yung-yung and Sung Tim-yee) with him to attend Tso Hing-hau's birthday party. On the way, they meet Song Siu-ching, a spoilt and arrogant girl. After arriving at Tso's house, strange things start happening. Tso's daughter, Ming-lai, is in love with Sit Ban, a youth from a rival family. In the Sit family, Sit Yan is in love with Yip Sing-nam and wants to be with him, but her father forbids her. Tso Ming-lai and Sit Yan attempt to fake their deaths in order to resolve the feuds between their families. However, Chor Lau-heung discovers the truth and decides to secretly help the lovers be together.


Michael Miu as Chor Lau-heung
Barbara Yung as Song Siu-ching
Simon Yam as Yuen Chui-wan

Bobby Au-yeung as Sit Ban


(source: Yeasia product information and Wikipedia)





修心養性的楚留香 (苗僑偉) 與三位紅顏知己退居世外,但靜極思動,又適逢好友左輕侯 (許紹雄) 生辰,遂重出俗世,到左家道賀。


香到左家後,怪事接踵而來。原來左家獨女麗(黃敏儀)與世仇薛家之子斌 (歐陽震華) 相戀,欲詐死以調解兩家宿怨。香知悉後,暗中幫助他們,惜給桑小靜 (翁美玲) 發現,並無意間讓侯知道。侯大怒,錯手殺死女兒,斌跟著殉情自盡。香因插手此事,涉嫌盜取薛家寶劍,且被誤會殺死武林名人,幾遭殺身之禍。


及後香重遇好友中原一點紅 (惠天賜) ,獲悉他的妻子被以蝙蝠公子為首的神秘組織所殺。其實蝙蝠公子乃原隨雲 (任達華) 的化身,其身世耐人尋味,組織蝙蝠宮亦有原委。當香洞悉一切後,決與雲作一場生死決鬥...


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