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Barbara Yung's life in England

On the fourth of June 1984 Barbara bought an apartment at Welcome Gardens, 39 Broadcast drive in the district Kowloon in Hong Kong for about 500.000 HK dollars (about 61.500 US dollars or 47.500 euro). The apartment was at the first floor of this building, apartment B. In the same building also lived Kent Tong and famous actor/actress couple Adam Cheng Siu Chau / Lydia Shum Din Ha.

To see location on Google maps, click here

(note: Nowadays a similar apartment in the same building is worth about 9.900.000 HK dollars (1.220.000 US dollars or 940.000 euro).

Before Barbara moved to this apartment she had been living with her godmother at Tin Kwong Road in Kowloon.

The big advantages of this apartment at Broadcast drive is that it was only a two minute walk from the TVB studios.

map surroundings welcome gardens

 (note: By the late 1980s, TBV had out-grown the facility at Broadcast Drive, and built a new studio complex, named T.V. City, at 220 Clear Water Bay Road in November 1988. The old Broadcast Drive headquarters was later converted into apartments, the studio where Barbara worked and many pictures were taken is now Hong Kong television house and Hong Kong commercial radio (3 Broadcast drive, Beacon hill, google maps position)


There is a lot of information available on the internet about Barbara's apartment. This makes it possible to get on idea what Barbara's apartment looked like. Here are my efforts.


apartement foto v2 

In the diagram below I show the furniture in the appartment. The icons I usei just indicate the type of furniture, they are not pictures of the original furniture.

apartement meubilair v2

Barbara was very open about her apartment to the public. Often she held interviews at this apartment. I have seen at least 7 different photo shoots and at least three television recordings that have been taken at her apartment. In one television interview Barbara let the public have a good view of her living- and bedroom.

Photoshoots living room.

Photshoots bedroom.

Photoshoots make-up  room

Photshoots kitchen


Televisions interviews.

1984 interview in apartment2

1984 short interview in apartment

1984 discussion about jewelry


Some recent pictures from a similar appartment in the same building.


References to (not translated) articles on Barbara's apartment


Magazine articles


1985 article appartment


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