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Barbara Yung's life in England

21-5-2017: Remembrance article on HK.ON.CC news

14-5-2017 Remembrance article South China Morning Post (SCMP)

18-4-2017 Actor Liu Chun Hung talks about Barbara Yung (subtitled)

9-4-2017 Rare video of Barbara presenting the artist team

9-4-2017 Rare video of Barbara competing in Tug of War

9-4-2017 A rare video of  Barbara participating in the Royal Hong Kong Legion military training.

5-3-2017 Anthony finished the charity run to honour Barbara's mother

24-2-2017 Message from Andrew (Barbara's godson) to support his brother in a charity run in memory of Babara's mother and their grandma.

23-2-2017 Barbara's mother funeral

18-2-2017 On YouTube two good quality video are released with Barbara visiting candidates for JSG 1983 visiting candidates JSG (the 2nd and 3rd video)

17-1-2017 Barbara's mother has passed away, she was 91 years old.


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